Ncert Provides 4-week Alternative Academic Calendar For Primary School Students To Study From Home:

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NCERT Provides 4-week Alternative Academic Calendar for Primary School Students to Study from Home

NCERT Alternative Academic Calendar
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To provide students with multiple alternative ways of learning at home through interesting activities during this time declared as a global pandemic, teachers, parents, and students have to remain at homes to prevent its spread in the community.

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has released an alternative academic calendar for primary school students. It is a four-week alternative academic calendar for students in the wake of Coronavirus.

Through this calendar, students will get an education right from home during the lockdown. Till the school opens, students can continue their studies in lockdown through this NCERT alternate academic calendar. Parents can teach children according to this calendar.

In this calendar, the topics have been selected from the syllabus which is linked with learning outcomes. Guidelines have been developed for conducting interesting activities based on these learning outcomes. But it is a matter of fact that many teachers and parents have a mobile phone available at their homes and all the teachers and students do not have virtual classroom facility, in view of this the activities are designed and presented in such a way that many activities can be conducted by the parents and students on their own after talking to teachers over the phone.

This calendar includes not only general guidelines and subject-specific activities but also detailed material on the use of different technological and social media tools as well as strategies for reducing stress and anxiety in the present time.

This guideline also contains activities related to art education and health and physical education. It also includes a reference to many learning resources along with textbooks. This calendar is flexible and suggestive.

The teacher can implement this taking into consideration the contexts and needs of the State/UT. This calendar has been developed by the faculty members of all the constituent units of the NCERT including NIE, CIET, PSSCIVE, and all the five RIEs using on–line platforms such as WhatsApp, google hang out, etc. for discussion and feedback. Their hard work is commendable.

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