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Earth Day 2020: Lockdown Worked as a Remedy to Our Earth

Earth Day 2020
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Today people are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of ‘Earth Day’ across the globe. Every year on April 22, people celebrate this day to vindicate their support and protection for Earth and its environment. More than 193 countries take part in the Earth Day celebration.

Through this article, we will discuss this year theme, facts and history of Earth Day. This will help the aspirants to enhance their general awareness and to score well in competitive exams.

Earth Day 2020 Theme

The theme of the Earth Day 2020 is – Climate Action

According to the Earth Day organisation, change in climate produces an enormous challenge but also we have vast opportunities to take actions and control the abrupt climate change.

The day was formed to honour the Earth as we get all resources from it for our livelihood.

Today when the whole world is going through a pandemic disease namely Coronavirus or COVID-19, there some affirmative things have also happened on earth.

Air pollution, which is the world’s biggest problem, has been controlled to some extent. As many countries including India have declared lockdown which means no mobilisation of people, no commercial activities and control on other irrelevant activities. While essential services are put as exceptions.

The lockdown process has worked as a remedy to the climate and the earth. It has restrained the poisonous gasses (such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, methane etc.) from spreading in our environment which helped in the improvement of air quality across the globe.

The misuse of the natural resources provided by the Earth can bring a huge disaster and coronavirus pandemic is one of the best examples.

We should care about the Earth and its resources and work on the concept of sustainable development. 

Earth Day History

In 1969, Peace activist John McConnell proposed a day to honour the Earth at a UNESCO Conference in San Francisco. The Earth Day was first celebrated on March 21, 1970. Later it was proposed to celebrate Earth Day on April 22 and now more than 193 nations take part in it.

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